Baked & Wired OPEN

Monday June 22, 2015

Baked&Wired yesterday opened its new sister store – temporarily named “A Baked Joint” – on the ground floor of the Lyric440K apartments. Fans of the shop can expect the same quality baked goods and espresso, but will now be able to enjoy fresh bread, drinks (alcoholic and non), and lots more space to hang out. The organic, naturally leavened bread program will be small batch baked right in their open kitchen. Breads will be paired with fresh ingredients to make homey sandwiches we all grew up on, but with a little something extra. Check out the owner’s favorite: a meatloaf glazed with homemade barbeque sauce and caramelized onion aioli, topped with crispy onions and spinach, on buttered and toasted white Pullman bread. On the weekends, treat yourself to a crème brulee challah French toast served with applewood bacon. Wash it down with a pisco, basil, watermelon juice pitcher style cocktail and chase that with a slice of Texas sheet cake. From the Baked&Wired team, “Invite your friends, your coworkers, your great-aunt, and your ex-boyfriend. Let’s all hang out, and get baked all day!” Be sure to check for updates on the opening here