Cleaner Streets Equal Safer Streets Thanks to MVT Clean Team

Wednesday October 24, 2018

Clean streets are about more than neighborhood beautification: they are also one of the strongest investments we can make toward community safety. The MVT Clean Team recognizes this inseparable relationship, hence why it consistently reinforces this priority every day in their work to keep the neighborhood both clean and safe.

That’s why when graffiti was observed on a jersey barrier near 5th Street NW & New York Avenue NW –just outside the CID boundaries – the Clean Team acted immediately to remove this blight from our neighborhood as shown in these photos before, during and after the graffiti removal.

As many of our stakeholders already know: attention to details such as these is nothing new for this Clean Team! The recent graffiti removal follows other notably publicized efforts to clear overgrown grass on the District-controlled traffic island near Cobb Park, and to transform a highly visible median along New York Avenue into a more attractive streetscape. 

You can find our team members working hard throughout our neighborhood, tending to public spaces and helping out with private sidewalks during snowstorms or other weather emergencies. From planters to medians, caring for plantings and maintaining trash receptacles, reporting public safety concerns and giving directions to a visitor, the Clean Team embodies the authentic and welcoming nature of our special community.