Community Update Regarding Public Safety

Wednesday October 9, 2019

Dear Mount Vernon Triangle Area Resident:

A number of you have written to our office recently to express concerns about community safety in general and more specifically about the acts of vehicle vandalism that occurred late Saturday night/early Sunday morning. Given the immense amount of focus, priority and investment that our organization places on public safety, I wanted to take an opportunity to address these concerns directly, share the information that we currently have, and provide an update on how you can engage on other important public safety conversations that are happening this week.

First the good news: according to the Metropolitan Police Department’s (MPD) crime cards database, total crime in Mount Vernon Triangle continues to trend downward on a year-to-year basis, as it has done in each the past few years and even as our community continues to grow. This trend also holds true for the property crime type of “theft from auto,” which is a persistent issue across the city – and quite frankly is a crime that is very difficult to eliminate – but is an area in which we continue to make progress. Additional information about how to decrease your chances of becoming a victim of theft from auto is available for review at the end of this correspondence.

So now to the vandalism. As some of you by now know, this past weekend smashed windows were sustained by multiple vehicles within a specific geographic area of the neighborhood. The statements of fact are that the incident remains an active MPD investigation, detectives have reviewed security camera footage and identified multiple subjects of interest, and anyone with any additional information is asked to contact MPD by dialing 911 or texting 50411. We’re also aware of the similarity between this incident and incidents in other areas, most notably this one that occurred last year in the Shephard Park neighborhood of Washington, DC. However, so far no connection(s) have been made between these other incidents and the one that occurred this past weekend.

So where from here? MPD has committed to providing this area with “special attention,” which is a law enforcement term for extra police patrols. And while it is not possible to ensure this type of incident won’t occur again, the MVT CID will continue to prioritize our mission of building a clean, safe and welcoming community by:

  1. maintaining the day-to-day street presence of our Clean and Safe Team;
  2. considering new strategies to assist in further decreasing the frequency of this crime type in our community; and
  3. continuing to advocate for consistent MPD presence.

Finally, I wanted to pass along information regarding two upcoming community meetings to address some troubling public safety trends in the Shaw neighborhood just north of Mount Vernon Triangle. See below for correspondence from Commissioner Marriott regarding the upcoming meetings, including a meeting tonight that will include the participation of Ward 6 Councilmember Charles Allen:

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Many of you have reached out to ask about the recent shootings in the Shaw neighborhood and the steps MPD is taking to curb this violence.  To respond to these questions, ANC 6E is holding an emergency special meeting at the Shaw (Watha T. Daniel) Library (1630 7th St., NW) on Wednesday (10/9) at 7:00 pm.

MPD Third District Commander Emerman will be in attendance, along with Ward 6 Councilmember Charles Allen, to respond to our questions.

If you cannot make Wednesday’s meeting, ANC 6E is partnering with the United House of Prayer to hold a second meeting on the recent violence at 1721 7th St., NW at 6:00pm on Thursday (10/10).

Please come to one or both of these meetings and voice your concerns!

Warm regards, Alex

Alex Marriott
Advisory Neighborhood Commission, 6E05
Twitter: @AlexMarriottANC
Facebook: Alex Marriott

Please be assured that public safety will always be a top priority for the MVT CID. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to update you issues that – while difficult to address publicly – are important to the future of our community, and city. Should you have any questions about the contents of this letter, or would like to discuss any of these matters personally, please do not hesitate to contact me at (202) 216-0511 or

With very best regards,

Kenyattah A. Robinson
President & CEO
Mount Vernon Triangle CID


Theft from Auto Prevention Guidance from MPD
We also want to take this opportunity remind residents that theft from auto is a crime of opportunity that is largely avoidable through minimal effort. MPD reports that in the overwhelming majority of car break-in incidents, the theft involved an item of value left in plain sight. (See two examples in the Related Link below). So as you plan to host friends, family and guests who may park their vehicles on District streets, please remind them that the easiest, simplest and most cost effective way to secure their vehicle is to lock their doors and remove all contents or valuables from plain sight. Visit the MPD website for more information to keep your vehicle and valued possessions safe and secure.

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