Dryy & Prather’s on the Alley the Latest Examples of “MVT Acts of Kindness”

Tuesday April 28, 2020

As we all work together to counteract the impacts of COVID-19, countless “acts of kindness” continue to happen in our community and beyond. Today we recognize the goodwill of these two MVT businesses:

  • Dryy, for spreading positivity, appreciation and discounts through its #LoadsOfLove campaign (see image, below) and related video.
  • Prather’s on the Alley, for partnering with acclaimed Chef Jose Andres and his World Central Kitchen Initiative to safely distribute individually packaged fresh meals to those who need them most.

Learn more about their respective efforts below:


Dryy is an eco-friendly garment care company and fresh take on traditional dry cleaning and laundry services. Opening recently at City Vista in Mount Vernon Triangle, they are passionate about customer experience, practice green cleaning and always provide free delivery.

As a show of customer appreciation, Dryy just launched its #LoadsOfLove campaign offering 25% off all dry cleaning services. Also be sure to check out Dryy’s recently released #LoadsOfLove video to see the great work they are doing in and around our community.

We never take for granted that we exist because of each and every one of our wonderful customers. With all that has impacted our day-to-day life, we want to show our appreciation for you with our Spring Clean, Loads of Love campaign. Being a community requires us to all pull together. We are thinking of you.
—Ken Sandy + the Dryy Team

Prather’s on the Alley

Founded in 2010 by celebrity chef José Andrés, World Central Kitchen (WCK) is a not-for-profit organization devoted to providing meals to people that need assistance during natural disasters (including COVID-19). Their team is working across America and throughout DC to safely distribute individually packaged fresh meals to communities that need support, for children and families to pick up and take home, frontline workers, as well as delivered to seniors who cannot go outside. WCK is in the process of collaborating with restaurants and meal delivery companies to not only serve food, but simultaneously support the industries that are suffering. This program is called Chefs for America, which is an evolving effort that will feed those in need, as well as guarantee a reliable and recurring stream of revenue for restaurants that are prepared to safely produce nutritious meals while providing income to delivery drivers. We are excited and proud that Mount Vernon Triangle restaurant, Prather’s on the Alley, is participating in this program alongside a handful of well-known DC establishments.

Prather’s on the Alley is cooking 300 meals per week, with a goal to increase these numbers to help our community. They are prepping nutritious comfort food that reflects the offerings on their menu. It’s important to the team at Prather’s on the Alley to give back to the community and power through this difficult time.

Prather’s on the Alley serves globally inspired cuisine and is open Thursday-Saturday for dinner only. Takeout and delivery options are available – including their well-known signature cocktails and an extensive wine list. Not hungry but looking to show your support for this neighborhood staple? Gift cards are available for purchase on their website.