FRESHFARM MVT Market Inches Closer with Vendor Selection

Friday March 12, 2021

As announced in last week’s Triangle Times, the FRESHFARM MVT Market will reopen Saturday, April 3—one month earlier than in previous years. And once reopen, the market will officially convert to year-round operations, a status certainly befitting the area’s “fastest-growing farmers market” according to FRESHFARM!

In preparation for market opening, earlier today a selection committee consisting of MVT CID and FRESHFARM Markets staff as well as residents Melisa Augusto and Rebecca Black, met virtually to review vendor applications. Designed to ensure that our market is as inclusive as our community is diverse, this new vendor-selection process is being piloted in Mount Vernon Triangle before it is rolled out to other FRESHFARM markets. The selection committee discussed each vendor’s pros and cons and suitability for addition to our market—all through the lens of vendor equity, inclusion and social impact.

In the coming weeks we’ll announce the official vendor lineup – to include many of the names you remember as well as some new (and possibly already familiar) names as well – so stay tuned for more market news as the opening date approaches!