HEMPHILL Artworks Now Open by Appointment

Friday July 31, 2020

The team at HEMPHILL Artworks asked that we share the message below with our readers:

Dear Friends, 

We are all ready to get back out into the world. Initially our outings will be different than before. The gallery has a plan for how to accommodate your need for cultural nourishment while doing so safely.

HEMPHILL is now open by appointment. These visits will offer our patrons a safe and comfortable way to enjoy art. Your scheduled visit will be for you, your spouse or partner or family group. No one else will be invited into the gallery during your time. You will be unrushed in your experience of the Linling Lu exhibition.

We consider these changes an opportunity for art lovers to return to a more soulful, personal art experience. We look forward to welcoming you to the gallery.

HEMPHILL is located at 434 K Street NW. To schedule an appointment, please contact or call (202) 234-5601.