In Their Own Words: Interview with Andy Shallal, Founder & Owner, Busboys and Poets

Wednesday May 1, 2019

It’s our mission to make Mount Vernon Triangle a welcoming, inclusive place for all members of our community. Over the next few months, we’ll be sharing a series of interviews with some of our local business owners on why they chose to become and remain a part of #LifeinMVT. First up: Andy Shallal (pictured below), Founder and Owner of Busboys & Poets 450K. Take a peek at what he had to say about his decision to relocate and remain in Mount Vernon Triangle in this edition of “In Their Own Words.”

MVT CID: Andy, tell us about your original decision to locate Busboys & Poets in Mount Vernon Triangle?

ANDY: Mount Vernon Triangle is one of the most centrally located neighborhoods in the city. Our customer base comes from all quadrants of the city as well as Virginia and Maryland. Mount Vernon Triangle has easy access to all highways leading in and out of the city as well as public transit.

MVT CID: Why did you decide to stay in Mount Vernon Triangle?

ANDY: Our Mount Vernon Triangle restaurant has become one of our highest revenue locations. The area continues to grow as more and more people move into the neighborhood. In 2017, the Busboys and Poets in Mount Vernon Triangle became the most requested destination for Lyft customers in the DMV.

MVT CID: What is your favorite part about Mount Vernon Triangle and the MVT community?

ANDY: My favorite part of MVT is its open large avenues and its density. It is truly a walkable community with close proximity to highways as well as great public transportation. It is within a short walking distance to the National Mall as well as the Capitol and Convention Center. There is an unlimited amount of entertainment and dining options too!

 MVT CID: What makes Busboys & Poets unique in the market?

 ANDY: We are also a community space. Just like Mount Vernon Triangle, we are a crossroad for the entire city. We are a place that inspires people to connect with one another. A place where racial and cultural connections are consciously uplifted. A place to take a deliberate pause and feed not only your belly, but also your mind and soul. We are a place where art, culture and politics come together and intentionally collide.

 MVT CID: Thank you!