In Their Own Words: Interview with Tessa Velazquez, Co-Owner of A Baked Joint and la Betty

Wednesday July 10, 2019

It’s our mission to make Mount Vernon Triangle a welcoming, inclusive place for all members of our community. Over the next few months, we’ll be sharing a series of interviews with some of our local business owners on why they chose to become and remain a part of #LifeinMVT. This month, Tessa Velazquez, co-owner of A Baked Joint and La Betty restaurants in MVT tells us about her family’s decision to expand in Mount Vernon Triangle in this edition of “In Their Own Words.”

MVT CID: Tessa, first you opened A Baked Joint. Then, you opened La Betty directly next door.,  Tell us about your decision to expand your presence in Mount Vernon Triangle.

Tessa: When we opened Joint, we were hoping it would be an MVT neighborhood gathering spot – and we have been so thrilled to see this come true. We have loved seeing our community come for breakfast and lunch at Joint, but we really wanted to create a neighborhood restaurant where our friends could come for dinner and have the same feel-good-food experience they have at Joint. So, we decided to open la Betty! We wanted to stay in this community so we could continue to serve all the great friends we’ve made in the neighborhood!

MVT CID: What originally attracted you to the Mount Vernon Triangle neighborhood? And, what are your favorite parts about the community/neighborhood?

Tessa: We loved the strong community roots the neighborhood already had and also the vision it had to expand in the future. My favorite part about the neighborhood is absolutely the people! Everyone – from residents to those who work in the area – are so friendly and genuinely so excited to be part of a community.

MVT CID: What makes this location different than your Georgetown Baked & Wired location?

Tessa: In Mount Vernon Triangle, there are a lot more residents that live within a few block radius than our customer base at Baked & Wired – as most people travel there from other neighborhoods.

MVT CID: What makes A Baked Joint and La Betty both unique within the neighborhood?

Tessa: We’re so lucky to have a staff that loves people and loves actually making friends with our customers. My family and our staff are very invested in our neighbors and serving the community.

MVT CID: Anything else you’d like to tell us about A Baked Joint, La Betty, and/or Mount Vernon Triangle?

Tessa: Stay Awesome, MVT! 

A Baked Joint is located at 440 K Street NW. Hours of operation are Monday-Wednesday from 7am-6pm, Thursday-Friday from 7am-10pm, and Saturday-Sunday from 8am-6pm. la Betty is located at 420 K Street NW. Hours of operation are Monday from 5-10pm, Wednesday-Saturday 5-11pm, Sunday from 5-9pm, and closed Tuesday.