In Their Own Words: Interview with Will Beale, Owner of Club Pilates

Tuesday December 3, 2019

It’s our mission to make Mount Vernon Triangle a welcoming, inclusive place for all members of our community. Which is why each month since May 2019, we’ve shared a series of interviews with some of our local business owners on why they chose to become and remain a part of #LifeinMVT. This month, Will Beale, owner of Club Pilates, tells us about his decision to expand Club Pilates’ North American presence in Mount Vernon Triangle in this edition of “In Their Own Words.”


MVT CID: Will, we’re very excited to welcome Club Pilates to the neighborhood! Tell us about your decision to expand Club Pilates’ North American presence into DC with Mount Vernon Triangle being its first franchise location in the city.

Will: Opening Club Pilates in DC – and ultimately Mount Vernon Triangle – was an easy decision! I am a DC native and a former military officer; I retired about a year ago. Upon retirement, I wanted to try something new and so I went with my next passion – fitness. I came across the Club Pilates brand and realized that it was the perfect fit for DC. It is a great fitness concept – and something that we were lacking here in the District. I wanted to be able to offer it to the masses. Health and wellness are so important to our city. I started zooming in on the Mount Vernon Triangle neighborhood and decided to open a studio here because it’s the center of the city. It’s so walkable, diverse, and the ultimate target market. It’s also very convenient and accessible to those that live in surrounding neighborhoods. We opened our doors in Mount Vernon Triangle on October 31 and we are so excited to be part of such a great neighborhood.

MVT CID: What originally attracted you to the Mount Vernon Triangle neighborhood? And, what are your favorite parts about the community?

Will: The first word that comes to mind is how diverse Mount Vernon Triangle is. Diverse in terms of the people here, the types of businesses, and types of retail. This area continues to grow in such a positive way. It’s so exciting to be here and something is always happening here. A lot of DC’s landmarks are also nearby, which is great to have tourists in the neighborhood as well. It’s also such a dynamic and close-knit neighborhood – it’s great to see and I love it. I plan to open three to four more Club Pilates locations nearby – and Mount Vernon Triangle is the perfect place to kick off the expansion.

MVT CID: What makes Club Pilates unique within the neighborhood?

Will: Club Pilates offers a full-body, low-impact workout. I appreciate all fitness concepts – but we offer something different. We use a variety of apparatuses to achieve the perfect workout – reformers, mat Pilates, the exo chair, TRX, barre, and the bosu ball. It’s a very intensive workout that appeals to a variety of audiences. Our clients are various ages and have different interests too. It connects people – it’s so great to see. It’s also a different type of workout routine that can be integrated into your regular routine. Lastly, Club Pilates is also great for people who have lost mobility or flexibility – in addition to people that have had surgeries – it’s great for everyone.

MVT CID: Fitness and overall health are very important to us here in Mount Vernon Triangle. Can you tell us about some of the health benefits when doing Pilates?

Will: Overall health is achieved when you feel balanced. Mind and body. It’s also about balancing both sides of the body. We focus on core strength, which then engages the other muscles throughout your body. It leads to more flexibility, mobility, and balance. Pilates also helps alleviate aches and pains – especially while getting older. It’s important to be mindful when exercising, and lots of wellness benefits are achieved when doing Pilates with us. I always say, “It’s about the four E’s: energy, excitement, education, and enthusiasm”.

MVT CID: Anything else you’d like to tell us about Club Pilates and/or Mount Vernon Triangle?

Will: So far, it’s been amazing here. MVT is really responding well to us and showing us great support. I’m happy to see that there is a demand for our concept. We appreciate the community’s attention and we hope to collaborate more once we continue our outreach.


Club Pilates is located at 901 4th Street NW. Hours of operation are Sunday-Saturday from 6am-8pm.