Mandu Wins Cochon 555 DC

Wednesday May 27, 2015

Congratulations to Mandu and Chef Danny Lee for their impressive win at Cochon 555 DC! Cochon 555 featured five local chefs utilizing five heritage-breed pigs to create up to six dishes using any and all parts of the pig. Included in Mandu’s winning menu were authentic and imaginative dishes including jokbal (pork trotters braised in spices and herbs), bin dee dduk (pancakes of pork loin strips and soy beans), mandu (ground pork shoulder dumplings), dwejee galbi jjim (spare ribs), duru jjigee (marinated pork belly slices with rice cakes) and mochi (crispy pork skin folded into sweet rice dough). Competing with Chef Lee were five other well-known DC chefs: Spike Mendelsohn of Béarnaise, Victor Albisu of Del Campo & Taco Bamba, Jeffrey Buben of Vidalia and Jonah Kim of Yona. Click here for a fun and descriptive article from thefetchingfoodie blog.