Meet FLEX: MVT’s Newest Fitness Destination!

Friday June 7, 2024

There’s a new fitness option moving into MVT and we couldn’t be more excited to welcome FLEX to the neighborhood! Considered the “WeWork for fitness,” FLEX was founded in 2022 to give fitness entrepreneurs the tools and resources to start and grow their brands and businesses. Located in the former AJAX space in the Aspen building at 1011 4th Street NW, FLEX is scheduled to open later this month.

FLEX offers a variety of classes by DC’s hottest fitness concepts and up-and-coming fitness entrepreneurs. At FLEX, you’ll have the chance to take hybrid fitness classes, strength training classes, boxing classes, pilates classes, yoga classes, and more, all led by entrepreneurs using the FLEX space to run their brands and businesses. Additionally, you can take advantage of FLEX’s in-house physical therapist and enjoy the onsite cold plunge, sauna, and Normatec compression boots.

If you’re interested in taking a class at FLEX visit their website ( and enjoy your first week free!

If you are a personal trainer or fitness entrepreneur looking for a space to host your sessions, build your brand, and start a business that will support you on this journey, email to learn more and schedule an intro meeting!