MVT CID Activates 5th & K Street with Placemaking Seating Pilot Project

Tuesday October 21, 2014

The new $7 million K Street streetscape completed in 2013 created a welcoming MVT main street with wider sidewalks, lush planter areas and community plazas at the intersection of 5th & K Street. This summer, the MVT CID initiated a seating pilot to take full advantage of the additional public space, featuring colorful, comfortable tables, chairs and a shade umbrella from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm on weekdays and on Saturday mornings. The furnishings were placed to encourage residents and nearby office workers to spend more time enjoying the area around the “Lift Off” sculpture. The street furniture transformed the plaza into a well-used and active public space, as people enjoyed lunch, a late morning coffee or social time. Based on the positive feedback that the seating pilot received, the CID intends to bring the colorful furnishings back to the plaza in the spring of 2015. In addition, the CID continues to focus on the long-term placemaking goals of improved green and park spaces in the neighborhood.