MVT Partner Profile: Officer Toby Green of MPD’s First District

Tuesday April 28, 2020

As MVT CID continues its work of keeping the neighborhood clean and filling vital public realm infrastructure and social service gaps as needed, we’ve also remained focused on the safe part of our mission through expansion of our Clean Team’s service hours and our partnership with law enforcement agencies including the Metropolitan Police Department, United States Park Police and the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

As the “business beat” officer for the Mount Vernon Triangle neighborhood, Officer Toby Green of MPD’s First District (pictured below with Nichole Opkins from the Office of Ward 6 Councilmember Charles Allen during a past neighborhood walk with MVT CID staff) is a critical partner in supporting our community’s safety. He can generally always be spotted on his bicycle except when in his patrol during periods of inclement weather.

We recently caught up with Officer Green for his thoughts on patrolling the Mount Vernon Triangle neighborhood during the COVID-19 public health emergency.  Check out the interview to read what he had to say. And when you see Officer Green, please be sure to thank him for his service to our community—from a healthy distance, of course!

MVT CID: Officer Green, thanks for being such an integral part of Mount Vernon Triangle. Many community members have reached out to MVT CID to thank us for your presence, as it gives us all an enhanced sense of security during these unprecedented times. How often are you in MVT?

Officer Green: Thanks, that’s wonderful to hear and ultimately one of our goals at MPD. It’s important for us to have a daily, constant presence in the neighborhood so that people can rely on us and know that we are always nearby and on patrol.

What have you recently noticed around MVT while on patrol – especially in relation to COVID-19?

Officer Green: Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we are happy to report that residents, restaurant operators and other people in the neighborhood have been practicing social distancing and being very respectful of one another. People should still walk their dogs, exercise and get out of the house to run essential errands like grocery shopping or to grab takeout from a nearby restaurant. Everyone is doing a great job of following rules, I’ve even witnessed people purposefully moving out of the way to keep their distance from another person. It’s hard, but necessary. I have yet to witness large congregations of people which means that people are staying safe and staying home. It’s certainly a crazy world that we currently live in, but luckily, it’s also been pretty safe with respect to crime in the neighborhood. There’s been an uptick in homelessness in the area and throughout all of DC. We are carefully monitoring the situation, as there is some panhandling that occurs, but that’s the extent of it. MVT is a major residential area so we want to keep our residents safe and feeling secure during this uncertain time.

MVT CID: Thanks for that thorough report, Officer Green. Do you have any advice for our community?

Officer Green: Stay positive, hang in there, and last but not least – remember that we truly are in this together. Have each other’s backs and stay home as often as possible. The stricter we all are about staying home and staying apart, the sooner this will all be over.

MVT CID: Thanks, we all needed to hear that! We truly appreciate your service and please stay safe and healthy! Thanks for being part of #LifeInMVT.