MVT Spotlight: Marge Maceda, Chair, ANC 6E

Sunday March 1, 2015

ANC 6E Commissioner and Mount Vernon Triangle resident, Marge Maceda, is a passionate supporter of, and advocate for, our community. She has served on numerous Boards and devotes her time to taking on leadership roles for the good of the neighborhood. We recently caught up with her to ask her to share some thoughts on the Triangle.

MVT CID: Congratulations on your recent election as Chair of the ANC 6E. You have a long history of serving our community – as a civic leader, an educator, an advocate. What is the most rewarding part of being an ANC Commissioner?

Marge: The most rewarding part of being a Commissioner so far is that I am always learning! It’s amazing what I never knew. The zoning regulations, historic preservation, blighted property, ABRA regulations for liquor licenses and volunteer agreements about noise and small things that affect our quality of life. They are all important and the ANC keeps up with so many of these every month.

MVT CID: What do you think are the most important features of Mount Vernon Triangle for someone thinking about living here?

Marge: I have lived in Mount Vernon Triangle since 2009. I would tell people thinking of coming here to live that this is a wonderful neighborhood where your neighbors say hello, greet children and pets and know that you belong. We look out for each other and care about what and who are in our neighborhood. A really good example is how many people talked and got to know each other at the farmer’s market. Our Kids in the Triangle group keeps us posted on school opportunities and free and inexpensive things for our children to participate in. The MVT CID works with the community and helps with many things. My big deal right now is how so many pet owners do NOT pick up after their pets; it’s unsightly and unhealthy. Working together we will have new signs and a few bag dispensers around to remind those people. One of our residents recently took over the local blog and keeps us totally informed of things going on.

MVT CID: What are your goals for the ANC as a whole this year?

Marge: Goals for the ANC are easy. We have started a new open forum slot at our meetings to allow people to tell us what they want us to look into. We are also concerning ourselves with the problems we have with developers and early morning construction noises, disruptions to travel during the morning rush and the closing of roads whenever construction companies feel like it, disrupting the entire neighborhood.

MVT CID: We always ask – what is your favorite spot to eat in the Triangle?

Marge: I have many “favorite” spots to eat. Alba for pizza and calamari during happy hour, Silo for burgers or Chef Mike’s ribs or shrimp and grits, Busboys for breakfast and the pea soup at Le Pain. People in the Triangle can reach me at or on the ANC’s Facebook page for any concerns or ideas.

MVT CID: Thank you, Marge!