MVT Spotlight: Talal Orfaly of Philos Mezze + Wine Bar

Thursday September 14, 2017

Talal Orfaly opened Philos Mezze + Wine Bar in April of 2015 after working for years in the local restaurant industry. His vision for a neighborhood restaurant has yielded results, with a strong return customer base, a fun and diverse menu and bar program and a superb brunch business. We recently asked Talal to tell us more about Philos. 

MVT CID: Talal, tell us about your decision to locate your very first owned restaurant in Mount Vernon Triangle.

Talal Orfaly: Mount Vernon Triangle is an exciting place to do business these days. It is constantly changing and every few months a new building is completed, more tenants move in and more businesses open up.

MVT CID:  You have a strong repeat customer business — to what do you attribute your popularity?

Talal Orfaly: Philos Mezze + Wine Bar fills the middle market between fast casual/grab-and-go and higher-end restaurants in and around Mount Vernon Triangle. Our repeat business comes from the comfort of being able to enjoy great food and wine in an upscale casual setting for under $25. Also, guests should keep an eye out for our late night happy hours after 9 PM and daily neighborhood specials. We have more information at our website,

MVT CID:  Your menu is Mediterranean-influenced but offers an array of choices; tell us how you decide about new menu items?

Talal Orfaly: Philos Mezze + Wine Bar is a neighborhood place. The same folks come here and eat here often. We listen to suggestions and take into account how some comfort foods can be infused with Mediterranean themes and ingredients.

MVT CID: Tell us a little bit about yourself – what are your favorite things to do in DC and in the MVT?

Talal Orfaly:  When I’m not at work, I spend my time with my wife and little boy. In DC during the summer, a great favorite pastime for us is to visit the different gardens and parks in the city. In Mount Vernon Triangle, we will often stop in for coffee and something sweet from A Baked Joint.

Thank you, Talal and we’ll be watching for more updates!