MVT Talks Workforce Development with Central Union Mission & DC Council

Wednesday March 6, 2019

Workforce development was an important discussion topic in mid-February when MVT CID staff engaged with two key partners to highlight the critical connection between investment in our Clean Team Ambassadors and our ability to maintain a clean and safe neighborhood.

A meeting between the MVT CID and Central Union Mission helped to re-affirm the partnership that supports the living wage employment of the seven Clean Team Ambassadors employed by Central Union Mission’s “Ready to Work” job training program. Meeting participants from the MVT CID included President & CEO Kenyattah Robinson and Director of Public Space Operations Leon Johnson, with new Central Union Mission President & CEO Joe Mettimano and Senior Director for Workforce Development & Education Rev. Cheryl Cook-Posley representing Central Union Mission.

Later that afternoon, Leon testified on the MVT CID’s behalf at the performance oversight hearing for the DC Council’s Committee on Business & Economic Development. His written testimony highlighted how support from the Department of Small and Local Business Development (DSLBD) has enabled Mount Vernon Triangle’s evolution into an attractive District of Columbia destination to live, work and visit. DSLBD provides grant funding to the MVT CID that in turn helps to offset the cost of our contract with Central Union Mission for Clean Team services. Visit the DC Council website to watch his testimony online starting at the 6 hour 21 minute mark of the video.