New (D)ish Alert: Summer Menu Just Dropped at Baan Siam!

Friday June 14, 2024

As the summer heats up so do the dishes at Baan Siam! Reserve a spot on their new outdoor patio and savor the flavors of Chef P Boom’s Northern Thai cooking!

Check out what’s on the menu below:

Top: “Lâap bpêt”, Spicy Duck Salad: Duck, shallots, scallions cilantro, mint, roasted rice, spicy lime dressing
Bottom: “Sâi grok ii-sáan”, North-Eastern Thailand (Esaan) sausages: Ground pork, rice, pepper, garlic
Top: “Goong pad tûua lan dtao bên”, Stir-Fried Shrimp with Flat Peas: Shrimp, flat peas, garlic sauce
Bottom: “Gài pad nôh máai”, Stir-Fried Chicken with Bamboo Shoots: Chicken, bamboo shoots, basil, green & red peppers, chili, garlic
Top: “Khao pad mun bpuu”, Crab Paste Fried Rice with Crab Meat: Crab meat, Jasmine rice, crab paste, egg, chili, garlic
Bottom: “Gaeng gà-rii gài”, Chicken Yellow Curry: Chicken, tomato, onion, potato, fried onion, Central Thai chili paste