Second Baptist Church 165th Anniversary Celebration & Return to Third Street, NW

Thursday October 31, 2013

During the weekend of November 15-17th, the Second Baptist Church will celebrate two landmark events- the 165th anniversary of the founding of the Church and after five years away, the return of the Church to its home on Third Street NW in the Mount Vernon Triangle.

The Second Baptist Church dates back to 1848. One hundred and sixty-five years ago, seven members of the Nineteenth Street Baptist Church formed the Second Baptist Church. They met in storefronts, private homes in the neighborhood and a red brick building until 1894 when the Church was located in the Indiana limestone-front building located on Third Street NW.

The weekend events include a Hymn Sign & Musical at 6 pm on 11/15, a Neighborhood Bus Tour at 10 am on 11/16 and a Worship Service at 11 am & 3 pm on 11/17.