Shenandoah Seasonal Debuts at FRESHFARM MVT Market this Saturday

Thursday April 15, 2021

Spring is a time for new beginnings, making it a perfect moment to celebrate the arrival of Shenandoah Seasonal as the newest addition to our FRESHFARM MVT Market line-up! The self-described “family farm and labor of love founded in 2012” uses sustainable and organic practices to offer an array of produce based on the season. Here’s what these “social workers in Cambodia to organic farmers in Virginia” say what brought them to where to they are today:

Dan grew up on a farm in Boyce, VA and soul-searching in Cambodia brought forth his passion to begin a sustainable farm. He honed his skills as a livestock farmer through an apprenticeship at Smith Meadows Farm in Berryville, VA. When it came time for us to start our own enterprise, we realized the cost of purchasing livestock was not financially possible. But buying seeds, on the other hand, was…

Learn more about the farm and its growing practices on Shenandoah Seasonal’s website. Even better, swing by and chat with them at the FRESHFARM MVT Market this Saturday from 9am-1pm at the corner of 5th & I Streets NW where they’ll be joined by vendors offering an array of offerings such as fresh flowers, coffee, bread, fruits, vegetables, eggs, meats, and more:

In addition, the following vendors are scheduled to make their market debut in the coming weeks!

And with more vendors scheduled to appear at market once applications are approved and site visits have been completed, we’re sure you’ll find plenty to love at the FRESHFARM MVT Market. As a friendly reminder, masks and social distancing protocols must be followed in accordance with DC mandates. This unfortunately also means no pets (for now). Visit the FRESHFARM MVT Market page on for more details, and look forward to seeing you at market this weekend!