Sometimes in Life…and Community, It’s the Small Things That Matter

Thursday September 14, 2017

When a resident along New York Avenue took the time to email us about a trouble spot, we jumped into action, as we have many times when there is a problem to deal with outside our technical boundaries but important to our community. The MVT Clean Team made short work out of a big job, transforming this small but highly visible median into a more attractive streetscape.  


You can find our team members working hard throughout our neighborhood, tending to public spaces and helping out with private sidewalks during snowstorms or other weather emergencies. From planters to medians, caring for plantings and maintaining trash receptacles, reporting public safety concerns and giving directions to a visitor, the Clean Team embodies the authentic and welcoming nature of our special community.

The Clean Team Ambassadors, known fondly throughout our neighborhood as the “men in green”, come to us from Central Union Mission’s Ready to Work program. Their work in the MVT CID is funded by a grant from the Department of Small and Local Business Development (DSLBD). Our seven-member team works tremendously hard from early morning to sundown to make sure that our streets are clean and that they are safe for everyone who chooses to come into our community. Our residents have told us in our surveys that the number one priority for them is safe streets, and that number two is clean streets. This is the Clean Team’s mission and if you have met them, you know they take this very seriously.