Thank You to Our Holiday Gift Drive Donors

Friday January 8, 2021

Thank you to all of the donors that participated in our holiday gift drive last month! Almost 100 gifts were donated to deserving children at Plaza West. Thanks to the gracious donors listed below – some of whom donated multiple gifts – more 20 families were able to put gifts under the tree this year. We couldn’t be more appreciative of our community’s generosity and overwhelming support of this initiative.

Plaza West is an innovative affordable housing development serving grandparents raising grandkids. The unique development has 50 units for head of households age 50 and older who have legal custody/guardianship of at least one minor child. Plaza West is just one of a handful of such projects across the country and is the only project of its type in Washington, DC.

MVT Gift Drive Donors:

Adriana Lucca

Allison Bondanza

Alpana Gupta

Ana Badami

Ann Marie Novock

Brittney Stretsbery

Brittnie Velella

Cat Matsuda

Claire Whitin

Curtis Chase

Elena Anderson-De Lay

Elizabeth Allard

Emily Mace

Grace Sheehy

Heather Rosson Baker

Hebe Shaw

Holly Marie Moskerintz

Jacqueline Delaney

Jennie Alfaro

Jenny Crawford

Jessica Bernstein

Jessica Corley

Joel Riethmiller

Julia Follick

Julie Smith

Karen Lundy

Kelli Gorman

Kelli Gorman

Kimberly Powell

Kourtney Ginn

Libby Merritt

Linda Toth

Maggie Newton

Marnie Wallach

Melissa Fuerth

Melissa Serotkin

Michael Busby

Molly Scalise

Nicole Fierro

Peggy Morgan

Rae Larabie

Ruben Cuevas Nieto

Sam Garfield

Samantha Margolis

Sara Ryan

Shannon Bishop-Green

Stephanie Kubala

Stephanie Quick

Stephanie Trifone

Tina Rivard

Vikram Swaruup

Will Glynn