2Fifty Texas BBQ Owners Close Out MVT Celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month

Friday October 13, 2023

As we close out Hispanic Heritage Month, celebrated annually September 15 through October 15 to highlight the important contributions of Latinos in America, we spotlight Debbie Portillo and Fernando Gonzalez, owners of the regionally acclaimed 2Fifty Texas BBQ that very soon will open right here in our Mount Vernon Triangle community.

Members of the American Culinary Corps, a U.S. State Department program that seeks to create ties with other nations through food, Debby and Frank were recently featured on NBC 4 Washington where they discussed their journey as small business owners and why their new downtown DC location is an important next chapter in fulfilling their American Dream.

Click the related links below to watch the full two-minute story and for a sneak peek inside their new location at 414 K Street NW on the ground floor of Lydian+Lyric Apartments.

NBC 4 Washington, “Meet the Salvadoran couple behind Maryland’s celebrated 2Fifty Texas BBQ“, October 6, 2023

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