Additional Neighborhood Hero Spotlight: Sidney Curry at The K at City Vista

Friday June 19, 2020

Earlier this month, we shared the story about the brave act of heroism by Will Tolson, a building concierge at Madrigal Lofts Condominiums, who helped to prevent the continued looting of a Mount Vernon Triangle restaurant.

As more information events that evening emerge, we continue to learn about additional brave acts that are equally worthy of public praise. On the very same night of Will’s actions, Sidney Curry, building concierge at The K at City Vista Condominiums, put aside his own safety to prevent the property from imminent damage when he noticed a group of youthlingering outside the front door and studying the lobby through the glass. Due to the nature of Sidney’s professional training, he identified the ringleader and could tell from the apparent weight of his backpack that it contained bricks. Sidney went outside, engaged with the ringleader and successfully diffused the situation. We are proud and appreciative of Sidney’s ability to peacefully deescalate the matter, especially while putting his own safety and well-being at risk during an unpredictable situation. What’s more, Sidney was off-duty but thankfully had not yet left to go home.

Throughout the ongoing COVID-19 public health emergency, property management and building security staff continue to provide essential services that help to protect the safety and security of people and property within our community. Please know that we see you during all hours of the day and night—and are immensely grateful for all that you do!

Thank you, Sidney, for your bravery and for epitomizing the best of #LifeInMVT!