“Bridge Through My Window” Graces Construction Wall

Saturday October 21, 2017

Earlier this month, the MVT CID sponsored the installation of writer and poet Audre Lorde’s “Bridge Through My Window” on the temporary construction fence between the Lyric 440K Apartments and its sister property, The Lydian 400K Apartments, due to open in Spring 2018. Visible to visitors and businesses along K Street, the poem provides an opportunity to consider, in a fleeting space, the words of one of the country’s most acclaimed feminists and influencers, while metaphorically welcoming with great anticipation the impending unification of these two buildings both built by co-owners The Wilkes Company and Quadrangle Development Corp. You are encouraged to read the poem in its entirety and share what this addition means to you by e-mailing your perspective to

Bridge through My Window

by Audre Lorde

In curve scooped out and necklaced with light

burst pearls stream down my out-stretched arms to earth.

oh bridge my sister bless me before I sleep

the wild air is lengthening

and I am tried beyond strength or bearing

over water.


Love, we are both shorelines

a left country

where time suffices

and the right land

where pearls roll into earth and spring up day.

joined, our bodies have passage into one

without merging

as this slim necklace is anchored into night.


And while the we conspires

to make secret its two eyes

we search the other shore

for some crossing home.


—1968, revised 1976