Celebrate AANHPI Heritage Month Around MVT!

Friday May 24, 2024

Mandu isn’t the only standout spot in MVT where you can experience the flavors and cultures of Asian Americans! Check out the list of spots around Mount Vernon Triangle where you can celebrate AANHPI Heritage Month today and every day:

Baan Siam
425 I Street NW 
After immigrating to America from Thailand in 2006, Chef P’ Boom brought her professional training as a managing Chef in several five-star hotels in Bangkok and Pattaya to her first restaurant on 14th Street before relocating to a larger space here in Mount Vernon Triangle in June of 2020. Chef P’ Boom has introduced a multitude of diners to the unique flavors of Northern Thailand and has been honored with numerous awards and praises including, most recently, a mention on The New York Times list of “The 25 Best Restaurants in Washington D.C. Right Now.”

Bar Chinois
455 Eye Street NW
Described as an imagination of a Chinese restaurant located off the streets of Paris, Bar Chinois offers a unique blend of French-inspired wine and cocktails with delectable Chinese food. Taking from its Michelin Guide description, ” the kitchen takes its cooking seriously, offering a lineup of mouthwatering plates. Imagine half moon-shaped ginger chicken dumplings with a honey dip; shrimp toast batter-fried with sesame seeds; or Beijing pork dumplings with Berkshire pork and Chinese chives.”

Cocoi’s Sweets and Pastries
Available weekly at the FRESHFARM MVT Market located at the corner of 5th & I Streets NW
Cocoi’s Sweets and Pastries is a Filipino-owned business proudly serving up donuts and other pastries every Saturday at the FRESHFARM MVT Market. Their goal is to “represent Filipino culture through [their] pastries and allow people to try both familiar and new exciting pastries. The flavor of each pastry that [they] are making is inspired by Filipino desserts and food.”

Chinese Street Market 
Available on the second Saturday of the month at FRESHFARM MVT Market located at the corner of 5th & I Streets NW
Chinese Street Market DC’s mission is to preserve East Asian food cultures and traditions by creating a community or connection. You can shop its products including dandan noodles, Chinese-style chili oil, handmade bao buns, and soup dumplings on the second Saturday of each month at the FRESHFARM MVT Market. These ready-to-eat or take-home products are made fresh from scratch with the finest of ingredients.

453 K Street NW 
We’ve already said a lot about Mandu today so we’ll let someone else do the talking for a moment! Here’s some words on the restaurant straight from its description in the Michelin Guide: “Credit to Chef Yesoon Lee and her son Danny for showing this city that Korean cuisine is more than just bibimbap and barbecue. You can trace their steps back to 2006 when they opened the original Mandu in Dupont Circle, now reborn as Anju after an unfortunate fire in 2017. Fans who miss the original can still find pointed, fiery stews and broths at this Mount Vernon location, which sports soaring ceilings and a long bar. From plump, steamed beef and pork mandu to vibrant banchan, this is homey cooking that warms the spirit. And regardless of the weather, no visit would be complete without gamjatang, a bubbling-hot soup featuring tender, bone-in pork ribs and potatoes swimming in a devilishly red broth fired up with gochugaru and perilla seeds.”

Nama Sushi Bar
465 K Street NW
Brought to the neighborhood by James Beard Award-winning chef Micahael Schlow, Nama Sushi Bar features exquisite sashimi and sushi, vegetarian creations, dumplings, mouthwatering maki rolls and more at this Japanese-inspired restaurant and sushi bar.

485 K Street NW 
Born out of a childhood friendship and shared experience growing up at two of the DMV’s best Indian restaurants, co-founders Rahul Vinod and Sahil Rahman created RASA as an accessible way to connect new eaters to the flavors of Indian cooking. Expanding into Mount Vernon Triangle in 2020, RASA now boasts five locations around the DC area and proudly served Vice President Kamala Harris earlier this month at a first-of-its-kind night market hosted at the Vice President’s home in celebration of AANHPI Heritage Month.

Tae Gu Kimchi
Available weekly at the FRESHFARM MVT Market located at the corner of 5th & I Streets NW
Formed by a mother-daughter-duo Tae-gu Kimchi captures the tradition of making and jarring kimchi that supports gut health through its naturally occurring probiotics!