First Annual Neighborhood Perception Survey Results

Monday October 7, 2013

320 people participated in the 2013 Mount Vernon Triangle Perception Survey between 8/19- 9/30. A summary of the survey results is available on the CID website. 84% of survey respondents were Mount Vernon Triangle residents. Some key survey results include that 80% of respondents get to work by walking or riding public transit (without a car). The top three ‘very important’ factors in respondent’s decision to locate in the Mount Vernon Triangle include transportation access, proximity to work & restaurants/entertainment. The survey shows that 78% of respondents perceive the neighbohrood to be “clean” and “very clean” and 54% of the respondents perceive the neighborhood to be “safe” and “very safe”. Respondents said that they would like to see events such as a farmer’s market, concerts, seasonal festival & movies. Some of the common words/phrases used by respondents to describe the neighborhood include “up & coming”, “changing/transitioning” and “growing”.