FRESHFARM MVT Market is Open Tomorrow, Peaceful Protests Continue this Weekend & Neighborhood Hero Spotlight

Friday June 5, 2020

Tomorrow’s FRESHFARM MVT Market is Open

With neither street closures nor organized demonstrations planned for our immediate area, it has been decided that tomorrow’s FRESHFARM MVT Market will be open for business as usual. This decision was arrived after consulting with our partners at FRESHFARM, the District Department of Transportation and the Metropolitan Police Department.

Listed below are the farmers and producers expected to be in attendance at market tomorrow—with a special shout-out to a Black-owned business* that customers can support:

Market is open from 9am-1pm with lines forming at the corner of 5th & Eye Streets NW. Priority will be given first to at-risk customers (e.g., neighbors with accessibility needs including seniors and/or  those who are immunocompromised), then to customers who reserved a market shopping time on OpenTable, finally to the walk-up customers.  So save time and avoid the line by reserving a market shopping time, using the pre-order and pick-up options offered by some vendors (not required but strongly encouraged), or using delivery. These options also help our market vendors better meet demands, expedite transactions and limit currency exchange. Walk-ups are still welcome even if you do not reserve a shopping time, and you may still need to wait in line even if you have a reservation depending on the number of people in the market. Pre-packaged grab-and-go options are available in support reducing the amount of time spent at market, and we continue to encourage shoppers to shop as expeditiously as possible to ensure that everyone is accommodated.

To those planning to attend tomorrow’s demonstrations after market, please know that FRESHFARM and MVT CID unequivocally support and stand in solidarity with the peaceful protesters demanding justice, equality and the end of police brutality against Black Americans. Both our organizations are committed to fighting all forms of institutionalized racism, and MVT CID will continue to stand in partnership with FRESHFARM in its mission to promote equitable access and systemic change within our food system.


Peaceful Protests Continue Tonight & Tomorrow

Organized, peaceful protests are scheduled to take place tonight and tomorrow throughout the District of Columbia. There is no curfew planned for this evening or future evenings. Expect multiple road closures around protest locations and please use caution when in those areas.

While crime and property damage have decreased significantly during the course of the week, business owners are advised to remain in a defensive posture by continuing to board up their windows, removing valuables, checking on property often, and securing outdoor furniture and other outdoor property that could be used as a weapon or a projectile.

Be safe, stay together.


Neighborhood Hero: MVT Concierge Steps in to Prevent Looting

Good deeds do not go unnoticed and we’re fortunate for the many (see Related Links below) that have occurred during recent months here in our own community. As reported by WUSA 9, Madrigal Lofts Condominiums concierge Will Tolson recently prevented continued vandalism and theft at Baan Siam in the early hours of Monday morning—just days before the restaurant’s official opening. After hearing glass shatter, Will ran outside and saw the culprits leave the scene of the crime. He then prevented additional would-be perpetrators from coming inside and waited on the scene until the restaurant owners arrived. His bravery and compassion are much appreciated by the restaurant’s owners and our entire community. Thank you, Will, for your heartwarming act of courage and kindness. It is people like you who make #LifeInMVT extra special!

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