Lucky Danger Score Spot in WaPo 2021 Spring Dining Guide

Friday April 30, 2021

Congratulations to Lucky Danger for earning a spot in famed Washington Post food supercritic Tom Sietsema’s Spring Dining Guide. From the article:

Tim Ma asked three things of the branding firm he tasked to shape his American Chinese pop-up: a sense of timelessness, fun and a mascot. The chef ended up with a retro red-and-white menu and a character named Lucky Danger, personified by 10 or so little chefs in animal costumes — Dragon Boy, Shark Boy, Lion Boy, etc. — some of whom customers get to know from a sheet of stickers in their bags of takeout.

Inspiration for the food comes from Ma’s uncle, who ran a restaurant in New York and served “food that immigrants from China brought over and essentially updated for the American palate,” says the chef, who co-founded Lucky Danger with Andrew Chiou. Their menu is a mash-up of standard-issue Chinese takeout fare along with a sprinkling of dishes the chefs remember their Taiwanese parents ordering off menus written in Chinese when they were kids. Read: hot-and-sour soup, kung pao chicken and broccoli beef, but also pig ear salad, mapo tofu and flounder with pickled cabbage.

Congratulations to the Lucky Danger team for this outstanding recognition!