MVT Open Space Study Recommendations Released

Thursday April 26, 2018

To address consistent and overwhelming community feedback regarding the insufficient quality, availability, and supply of green, open, and public space in and around the Mount Vernon Triangle community, the MVT CID on Tuesday, April 24 released the analysis, findings and recommendations of the MVT Open Space Study. A related fact sheet was also released.

Intentionally designed to provide a strategic, transparent and comprehensive master plan for the enhanced use and activation of multiple community open space resources, the MVT Open Space Study presents a bold new vision (per the community’s direction and stated aspiration) for a “re-imagined” Cobb Park, as pictured, as an iconic destination to serve as an open, artistic space and gateway into Mount Vernon Triangle and downtown DC.

Created as an open space parcel 40 years ago as a result of the I-395 Center Leg Freeway extension, Cobb Park is by the District Department of Parks and Recreation as a “small park,” in DC Comprehensive Plan Future Land Use Map as “Parks, Recreation, and Open Space,” and as an improved park by District officials in 2016. Reconfigured roadways have to Cobb Park, which will be publicly available open space once again when the site discontinues its use as construction staging for the Capitol Crossing project. Included in the District budget for FY 2019 is $500,000 for community planning and design of an improved Cobb Park pending funding release by the city.

The MVT CID expresses its sincere gratitude to the hundreds of community members and stakeholders whose contributed to the results of this study. Anyone with feedback about the MVT Open Space Study is encouraged to share their comments at For future updates about the MVT Open Space Study, follow the MVT CID on Facebook and Twitter @mvtcid and sign up for updates at