MVT Parks & Open Space Pulse Survey: The Results Are In!

Thursday April 4, 2019

Last month, the MVT CID provided an update on parks and open space activation efforts in our community. As the District Council continues to review the Mayor’s budget priorities for FY 2020, the MVT CID will continue its advocacy in support of solidifying a roadmap to fund, plan, design and build Cobb Park. This is a top priority for the MVT CID because Cobb Park is considered to be important to the attractiveness, livability, and long-term economic sustainability and viability of both our community and city. And thanks to our MVT stakeholders, feedback from our pulse survey at the end of our update shows that it’s a priority for our community, too.

More than 70 people took the survey where we asked the following question: “Based on the content and substance of the MVT CID Update on Parks & Open Space message, do you believe the MVT CID is on the right track?” Here’s what you told us:

  • 96% of respondents – 71 respondents – answered yes, that the MVT CID is on the right track and should continue moving forward with the efforts mentioned in the update.
  • 3% of respondents – 2 respondents – were unsure if the MVT CID is on the right track.
  • 1% of respondents – 1 respondent – said that the MVT CID is not on the right track.

We also asked: Is there anything more that you would like to share regarding the MVT CID’s efforts to create more parks and open spaces in Mount Vernon Triangle? Well, you told us. And we’re listening.

Respondents that answered “Yes” said the following:

  • More play equipment for kids.
  • A community garden where residents can rent plots of land would be fantastic.
  • Consider using artificial grass on the two parks on Mass Ave and 5th street.
  • Dog parks are key for our community and will keep me here, much longer than currently planned
  • Please open these as soon as possible! MVT needs more green space.
  • Residents would love to get involved in advocating for Cobb Park
  • Park and open spaces make the city more beautiful similar to what the circles do in Logan Circle and Dupont Circle.
  • Keep pushing forward getting further strategic political and financial support. Those two things it seems will push this across the finish line. We can’t let this neighborhood become a concrete jungle without any key respite or gathering place. Thanks for all you are doing!
  • I really hope to see a proper off-leash dog park in the near future in MVT. The neighborhood is home to so many dog owners. It would truly benefit the community.
  • Please put in a dog park!
  • One new park does not completely solve the problem of lack of green space in MVT. I’d like to see more park or parklet spaces identified, developed, and protected.
  • There need to be low-cost maintenance, and welcoming.   We need to think on how to make it usable after opening (hopefully not only used by homeless people)
  • I think it is a great venture for both residents and businesses
  • We need more green and open space for all!
  • I love that you want to redevelop to Cobb Park space to be more useful. I love the idea of open fountains for kids play. Having adequate tables and chairs for parents would be good too. Also, it seems MVTCID could acquire more green space by turning roads over to pedestrians. For example, given the awkward layout of the section of I St between 5th St and 4 1/2 St, you could extend Milian Park into the road and have I St dead end at the alleyway of 4 1/2 St.
  • A dog park or dog area within Cobb Park would be great!
  • Please have a playground for kids!
  • More trees and greenery is necessary for a major city like D.C. Also ample recycling bins and a “no straw” rule for Cobb Park and all parks for that matter.
  • I love the idea of Cobb Park. The neighborhood needs more green space; not more buildings.
  • This is a high priority for residents and unit owners alike, so please continue to prioritize this work!
  • I’m excited – great work!
  • Keep up the great work!
  • Adjacent vendors would be nice – perhaps as part of the city crossing. Also, I’d suggest designs that minimize or block traffic noise so Cobb Park can feel peaceful if possible.
  • Create resources or bag stations for dog owners/walkers.
  • Interested in helping out if I can.
  • Since Cobb Park borders the north boundary of ANC2C it is very important that you contact the ANC2C commissioners, brief them on this project, and ask to make a public presentation at one of their meetings.
  • Continue to advocate and seek additional advocates to help make the reimaging of Cobb Park a reality.
  • Cobb Park is my #1 priority. Keep up the good work!
  • Do it big!
  • I’m concerned Cobb Park will end up a park used by the homeless population, which is high near MVT. Efforts must be made to manage this in a humane way, while safeguarding any investments made.
  • We need more parks and open space here in MVT
  • Keep up the good work on Cobb Park!

Respondents that answered “Unsure” said the following:

  • I am very concerned about the CID’s history of making public use of open spaces that directly interfere with the peace and well being of the residents immediately near that space. Please consider the CID taxpayers with regards to noise as you move forward with improvements. The Cobb Park initiative seems to be reasonably isolated from residents, while still giving the public a space to be outside with some “nature”. In addition, please do not default to parks for children, as children are not the majority residents in this area. There are quite a few childless households who would also like to enjoy the neighborhood space. Thank you for your hard work at doing the best you can with our public space!
  • Will the development at I and 3rd Streets preserve the eastward viewshed along I over the I-395 tunnel?

Respondents that answered “No” said the following:

  • One tiny corner lot between busy boulevards and a freeway entrance would be hardly enjoyable. We need green space, not just open space – trees, grass, and areas for actual recreation beyond a fountain and some benches.

Thank you to everyone that participated in the survey. We value your thoughts, opinions and suggestions as we continue to push forward with our efforts. And stay tuned for more parks and open space updates in the near future!