MVT Safety Update: June 1, 2020

Monday June 1, 2020

Dear Friend of Mount Vernon Triangle –

This is a difficult and painful time for our community, city and country. We first acknowledge the unfathomable, horrific and unnecessary loss of life due to the COVID-19 public health crisis and the multiple racist crimes committed against black Americans. We all have a right to be justifiably angry for the economic disparities, health inequities and systemic racism that continue to plague our country and directly contribute to the current social and civic unrest.

Our team is beyond overwhelmed by the generous offers to roll up sleeves and literally help “pick up the pieces” for those Mount Vernon Triangle properties unfortunately victimized by acts of vandalism by those who have chosen to express their points of view through non-peaceful forms of protest or other opportunism. This includes residents who this morning took it upon themselves to sweep glass and clean storefronts before business owners and workers had even arrived. Additional offers to help have continued to pour in throughout the day. And for all of this we sincerely say: thank you.

There will be future opportunities to support our businesses throughout the various stages of their economic recovery stemming from the impacts of these public safety and health emergencies. We will be in touch with those who have reached out (or are interested in participating) once opportunities arise for a community-wide volunteer effort. In the meantime, please stay safe and continue to follow the current public safety and health guidance when considering leaving your home in the near future.

We share your concerns regarding what type of activity the next few nights may bring. As the situation continues to evolve, we ask that you please consider the preventative measures recommended below – and as shared by multiple city agencies these last few days – to help mitigate any potential negative impacts to personal and property safety that could result from further non-peaceful activity (should it take place) tonight and in the coming days. Please note that a 7 PM-6 AM curfew (not applicable to essential workers or media) is in effect for the District of Columbia over the next two days.


  • It is strongly recommended that property and business owners immediately secure their construction sites, trash dumpsters (including locking all points of access) and outdoor personal property (e.g., tables, chairs, planters, landscaping rocks, loose bricks, etc.) to minimize an object’s use to start a fire or be used as a projectile or weapon.
  • Pharmacies especially are advised to cover all glass and secure storefronts.
  • The Restaurant Association of Metropolitan Washington asks that restaurants to please consider pausing all service (specifically outdoor dining) while abiding by the 7 PM curfew both today and tomorrow. If possible, inventory (such as alcohol) should be removed overnight.


  • Please stay inside and use your best judgment should you need to go outside for essential activity (e.g., dog walking, food pick-up, emergency situations, etc.).
  • If possible, do not park on the street and encourage your guests to park in garages. If you do need to park on the street, remove all belongings.
  • Secure doors behind you as you enter and exit your building do not let non-residents enter the building behind you.
  • Secure all garages and loading docks and remove any object around your building perimeter that can be picked up and used for destruction or set on fire (e.g., trash dumpsters).


  • Please ensure that cameras are working and that camera systems are operational. To the extent you are able to safely capture camera and video footage including vehicle license plate numbers that will aid tremendously in assisting MPD with their investigations into any criminal activity or property damage. Please email any content you may have to [email protected]
  • Make use of the following resources for incident reporting and ongoing awareness:
  • Report Suspicious Activity: Visit
  • Report Criminal Activity: Dial 911
  • Report Property Damage: Email [email protected]
  • Report Issues in the Public Right of Way: Dial 311
  • Sign-Up for Text and/or Email Alerts: Visit
  • Sign-Up for HSEMA Business Emergency Management Operations Center List: Visit

MVT CID continues to do all that we can to ensure safety in Mount Vernon Triangle as we manage through this extraordinary situation. Clean Team staff have been hard at work throughout the day assisting with clean-up, with MVT CID professional staff engaging our business owners and property managers on the recommended protocols to better secure their assets. We’re patrolling the neighborhood in search of potential soft targets and other vulnerabilities to public safety. And we’ve engaged with our local government and law enforcement partners to request additional resource deployment – including extra police manpower as well as exterior hardening materials – in support of the continued security of people and property within our community.

Our solidarity is a defining characteristic that has contributed greatly to Mount Vernon Triangle’s strength, resilience and growth as a community. Let’s all continue to do our part to get through this in support of each other. And as always, stay safe and stay together.

With very best regards,

Kenyattah A. Robinson, President & CEO
Mount Vernon Triangle Community Improvement District