MVT Spotlight:

Thursday February 6, 2014

This month we interviewed MVT’s neighborhood police officers for our Spotlight series. Mount Vernon Triangle is proud to have some of the city’s best police officers keeping our streets safe. Their presence is essential to the vitality and revitalization of MVT. As part of a running feature, MVT CID interviewed Officer Leaty about his background, job, and favorite MVT place.

MVTCID: How long have you been working the Mount Vernon Triangle beat and tell us a little about your background in DC?

Officer Leaty: Officer Charles and I have been working the Mount Vernon Triangle beat for 2 years on mountain bike, but we both originally started patrolling in SW. Officer Charles has been with the department for eight years and myself for six years, currently residing in the NE area of DC for four years. Our areas of patrol in the past included the SW waterfront, around Union Station, Chinatown, and parts of the NOMA BID. 

MVTCID: How does a neighborhood beat work and what do you like about this approach to crime prevention?

Officer Leaty: The neighborhood beat is a type of community policing approach which encourages a closer partnership among police officers, community leaders, and citizens within a targeted area to create problem-solving techniques with a goal of long term solutions. The effectiveness of the neighborhood beat depends on the involvement of all parties in the community and how well the philosophy of community policing is embraced. The best idea behind this philosophy is that there is a more personable approach to officers and community members and less of a barrier.

MVTCID: Can you share public safety tips that would be helpful to our residents and businesses?

Oficer Leaty: Try to refrain from using electronics or valuables in public view. When robberies do occur, they almost all come down to crimes of opportunity. Seeing something they want and taking advantage of that person because it can be a quick snatch and grab, which is usually the case. 

MVTCID: On a fun note, what are your favorite spots to eat in Mount Vernon Triangle?

Officer Leaty: Taylor’s or Sweetgreen!