MVT Spotlight: Dean Mosones of Prather’s on the Alley

Friday August 3, 2018

Prather’s on the Alley opened in July 2018 and offers approachable cuisine in a casual dining environment. We recently asked co-owner Dean Mosones to tell us more about the restaurant in this MVT Spotlight.

MVT CID: Dean, tell us about your decision to locate your restaurant in Mount Vernon Triangle and to name it “Prather’s on the Alley”

My business partners and I searched all over the District for a location that fit our concept but knew all along that Mount Vernon Triangle was where we needed to be for myriad reasons. The main two drivers were 1) MVT is an organic extension of downtown, and 2) the attractiveness of the current and future density of the neighborhood.

Regarding our name, as longtime DC residents we’ve watched the city evolve so quickly in an obviously positive way. However, many of my business partners and I felt the city needed to do a better job of holding on to its rich history. Accordingly, we decided to name our restaurant after a neighborhood landmark that pays homage to the District’s diverse and unique roots.       

MVT CID: Anyone who follows your social media will note that you have already developed a strong customer following — to what do you attribute your fast popularity?

I believe our following is attributed to the food and drink offerings and personality of our posts. It also helps we have a top notch team that have followers of their own.

MVT CID: You have a diverse and locally inspired food and beverage menu; tell us about your chef, beverage director and team and how you decide on new menu items?

We are fortunate to have a very talented and experienced culinary and beverage team that brings their best every day. Chefs Akhtar Nawab and Dan Izzo and beverage manager Hung Nguyen are all collaborative with our new menu items and stress seasonality and simplicity in all our offerings.

MVT CID: Tell us a little bit about yourself – what are your favorite things to do in DC and in MVT?

I like to eat, drink and be merry. Be merry should come first on the list.

MVT CID: Thank you!