MVT Spotlight: Sharon Levenberry, Resident and AAMC Employee

Monday October 20, 2014

Sharon Levenberry is a native Washingtonian and a graduate of Theodore Roosevelt High School. After leaving the area for a time, she recently moved back downtown and chose to live in Mount Vernon Triangle, motivated by her employer, AAMC’s, decision to relocate their headquarters to our neighborhood.

MVTCID: Tell us a bit about how your history with Mount Vernon Triangle – how long have you lived here and in DC?

SHARON: I am a native Washingtonian and a graduate of Theodore Roosevelt High School. My first job was at the Hecht Company downtown. I was living in the Washington suburbs for a while and when the AAMC announced their move, it was a great opportunity to get back downtown. I recently moved into Mount Vernon Triangle and am glad to be back!

MVTCID: What do you like most about living in Mount Vernon Triangle and downtown DC? We know you must enjoy walking to work now since AAMC moved here!

SHARON: Very much so. I really enjoy being in close proximity to shopping at Safeway, Walmart, Giant, CVS and Walgreens, a variety of department stores, the movie theaters and an abundance of restaurants and carry outs is great. It’s also nice to be near events at the Convention Center and Verizon Center.I like that there is alternative transportation instead of driving, particularly access to Union Station, Metro, Metrobus and the Circulator and it’s easy to catch a cab.

MVTCID: Are there things about living here that you think people miss in their day to day lives? What should they be sure to notice?

SHARON: People should notice the activity in our community that promotes healthy eating; we can promote the Farmers Market and local vendors that sell fresh fruits and vegetables for instance. Also, take a minute to browse around and take in the architecture of new construction in a modern, growing Washington DC. But I’m hoping we don’t also lose the City’s original charm.

MVTCID: What is your favorite spot to eat in the Triangle?

SHARON: No favorites yet, and still experiencing food cultures from Busboys and Poets, Mandu, Alba Osteria, Tel’veh Café & Wine Bar and Henry’s. I’m making my rounds!

Thank you, Sharon!