The Story of Tazz

Friday August 1, 2014

This past April, 5th Street Ace Hardware sponsored a dog adoption event with the Washington Animal Rescue League. A small, tousled older dog caught our eye that day as we hosted the Mount Vernon Triangle CID table. Little did we know that little “Tazz” had also caught the eye of Ace Hardware employee, Christopher Buck. Here, Chris tells his story of rescuing Tazz and welcoming him into his family.

“It all started the day of the pet adoption at in front of 5th Street Ace Hardware in Mount Vernon Triangle. I went to the store to organize and straighten up the pet section, since they were giving 20% off that day to pet adopters. Once I finished, I went out to check out the Washington Animal Rescue League dogs and low and behold there was Tazz. He was adorable, scared, shaking, and came right to my arms. I left that day and for the next two weeks I kept going to the web site and looking at him, regularly calling the rescue league to see how he was doing and to see if I could possibly help by sponsoring him financially.  After a couple of weeks, they informed me that his time was nearing an end. Not sure what that meant (I assumed it meant they were going to put him down), I asked them to please put a hold on him until that Friday. They agreed and the rest is history. Tazz is an 8 1/2 year old small mixed breed dog, loves to be brushed, loves to go for walks, curls up at the end of the bed at night and is an early riser. He gets along very well with Soldier (my other dog). The price to adopt was $317, however since Tazz is over 5 it was reduced to $150, and since I am over 50 it was reduced another $150, so he cost me a total of $17. In my mind it was truly meant to be. Funny, two little dogs are no different than one little dog. As an elderly person myself, I believed that he deserved to live out the rest of his life in a safe and happy home. The lady at the animal rescue said that most dogs his age usually do not get adopted and usually end up being put down. What a shame; we elderly need to stick together!”

We commend Chris on his generosity and commitment. Watch our Facebook page for word of the next 5th Street Ace Hardware dog adoption event in the Triangle.