The Votes are In: Prather’s Alley Design Concept Chosen!

Wednesday July 10, 2019

Last month, as part of an ongoing effort to rethink possibilities for our neighborhood’s alleys (see Related Links below), we asked for community feedback on three design options for implementation within Prather’s Alley. And more than 500 of you responded!

Based on your feedback, the Marketplace concept was, on average, most preferred followed by Performance & Lounge with Pet Recreation finishing third. A summary of your feedback is shown in the table below:

The voting process was an important community engagement and feedback activity that determined the concept that was successfully presented to Advisory Neighborhood Commission 6E for community support last Tuesday, and will be submitted for District government agencies for funding and permitting approval.


The MVT CID extends a special note of thanks to everyone who has participated in this process and asks that you please stay tuned for updates. Should you have questions about this project, please contact


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