We Give Thanks For: Partners Leading the Way

Friday November 17, 2023

MVT CID is committed to providing meaningful supportive services to individuals experiencing homelessness in the Mount Vernon Triangle neighborhood. Which is why MVT CID, on our stakeholders’ behalf, funds and supports The h3 Project in its work in Mount Vernon Triangle.


The h3 Project’s vision is “to create a future in which all individuals – regardless of gender, age, race, religion, or sexual orientation – experiencing homelessness and/or human trafficking – are given opportunities to live meaningful and self-directed lives, in homes of their choice, with support and services they need for success.”

h3 Project founder Dr. Ami Angell (pictured above delivering the keynote address at the MVT CID 2023 Annual Meeting) was recently profiled in a Washington Post article outlining the work she and her team are doing to alleviate homelessness around Union Station. From the article:

The crisis intervention group he helps to fund is called the h3 Project and was founded by Ami M. Angell in 2018. Dotson heard about its work as Angell and others were doing street outreach near the terminal and building partnerships with security officers. These days, whenever Amtrak police get a call about a distressed unhoused person, they begin a stabilizing protocol and then notify Angell or a member of the h3 Project team, who usually arrives within five minutes.

“What we do is empower individuals by working with them to develop a personalized path to success,” Angell said. “Then we try to stick with them until they reach their goal.”

It is labor intensive, emotionally draining work, with no guarantees.

Last year, Angell said, the organization found apartments for 58 unhoused people, reunified 51 with their estranged families, handed out 671 items of clothing and hygiene products, helped 44 people apply for Medicaid and SNAP, and helped 119 people order vital documents such as birth certificates, ID cards and driver’s licenses. They also used Narcan to revive 49 opioid overdose victims. [Read More]

We are grateful for the services that Dr. Angell and the h3 Project provide to Mount Vernon Triangle and are encouraged that her mission is expanding throughout the District!


As the colder months set in, please be mindful of our more vulnerable neighbors. The h3 Dispatch Line ((833) 439-6757 or (833-h3-Works)) is open Monday-Saturday from 10am-6pm if you are concerned about someone or they are interested in going inside. You can also call Shelter Hotline at (202) 399-7093 or the Community Response Team at (202) 673-6495 during off-hours. For more information, read our full Homeless Outreach in Mount Vernon Triangle Fact Sheet.