Your Last Chance to Celebrate Mélange’s Six-Month Anniversary

Thursday April 1, 2021

As the team at Mélange wraps up its six-month anniversary celebration, we invite you to take advantage of all of the special menus (available for pickup and delivery) and social media giveaways that they are offering before time runs out! What’s more, check out the final installment of its five-part “The Making of Mélange” mini docu-series – Opening When the World is Closed – featuring comments from MVT CID’s Kenyattah Robinson on what made Mélange’s arrival important for our Mount Vernon Triangle community; and Anela Malik of the incredibly popular local food blog Feed the Malik.

Congratulations to Mélange for achieving this wonderful milestone. And, thanks to our Mount Vernon Triangle community for your support of Mélange’s addition to our diverse line-up of restaurant options!