In Their Own Words: Interview with Dean Mosones & Mark Minicucci, Co-Owners of Prather’s on the Alley

Thursday September 12, 2019

It’s our mission to make Mount Vernon Triangle a welcoming, inclusive place for all members of our community. Which is why each month since May 2019, we’ve shared a series of interviews with some of our local business owners on why they chose to become and remain a part of #LifeinMVT. This month, Prather’s on the Alley co-owners, Dean Mosones and Mark Minicucci, tell us about their decision to locate in Mount Vernon Triangle in this edition of “In Their Own Words.”


MVT CID: Dean and Mark, tell us about your decision to locate your restaurant in Mount Vernon Triangle. What attracted you to MVT? And, what’s the meaning behind the name of your restaurant?

Dean & Mark: We along with our other business partners searched all over the District for a location that fit our concept but knew all along that Mount Vernon Triangle was where we needed to be for myriad reasons. MVT is an organic extension of downtown and attractive to future residential and retail projects – a perfect fit for Prather’s. The character and quality of the current residents and businesses in the neighborhood make for the perfect restaurant guests. And lastly, we are longtime residents of MVT and believe our neighborhood is one of the best places in DC to lead an active lifestyle!

Regarding our name, we’ve watched the city evolve so quickly over past dozen or so years. However, we felt the city needed to do a better job of holding on to its rich history. Accordingly, we decided to name our restaurant after a neighborhood landmark that pays homage to the District’s diverse and unique roots.

MVT CID: What are your favorite parts about the community within the neighborhood?

Dean & Mark: Our favorite parts about the community in MVT is the openness by the vast majority to connect and build meaningful friendships, and of course, dogs!

MVT CID: You and the other owners are from the Mount Vernon Triangle area. How do you like to spend your time here when you aren’t working?

Dean & Mark: When not working, we like to spend our time eating and drinking at other neighborhood spots or working out at one of the many gyms in the area.

MVT CID: What makes Prather’s on the Alley unique within the neighborhood?

Dean & Mark: We are very similar to the other restaurants in the neighborhood insofar as we all strive to cook delicious food and offer warm hospitality. That said, we believe the people that work with us in our establishments sets us all apart and we are very fortunate to have a great group of driven professionals at Prather’s.

MVT CID: Anything else you’d like to tell us about Prather’s on the Alley or Mount Vernon Triangle?

Dean & Mark: We would like to say thank you to all of the residents, workers and visitors that continue to support Prather’s and the other MVT businesses. The restaurant has been a wonderful platform to engage the community. From the countless interesting conversations over a glass of wine or birthdays and other special occasions we have been lucky to host, we are reminded daily of the vibrant and diverse makeup of MVT and DC as a whole.


Prather’s on the Alley is located at 455 I Street NW. Hours of operation are Monday-Thursday from 11am-10pm, Friday from 11am-11pm, Saturday from 10am-11pm, and Sunday from 10am-10pm.