Now Available at HEMPHILL Artworks: Buttercup on the Path by Anne Rowland

Friday July 10, 2020

In recent weeks we’ve shared offers from HEMPHILL Artworks to begin or add to your art collection by purchasing prints by artists – including Rushern Baker IV and Steven Cushner – being sold at costs below the typical price point for prints at their level of quality. As part of HEMPHILL’s effort to invigorate the vital relationship between our community members and various artists, they are offering multiple prints at reduced prices with an ambition to activate your engagement for the intrinsic benefit of art.

This week’s featured print, Buttercup on the Path by Anne Rowland, is available for $450. Per the July 2020 artist statement:

Walking along beside the creek on a spring afternoon, I encountered this buttercup, right in the middle of the wide grassy path. It looked quizzically at me as I sat down next to it. To my surprise, it began to speak, in a tiny soft yellow voice. It said that it would be alright if I photographed it, but added a caution: ‘Don’t make up any weird stuff about this.’ I responded: ‘Not to worry, I’m on your side.’ 

For further information please contact, and stay tuned for opportunities to experience or purchase future prints by other gallery artists.

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