Women’s History Month Celebration Concludes with Rebecca Ougo, General Manager of Little Beet

Thursday March 31, 2022

Throughout March, we’ve been featuring women who make MVT (and DC!) special. For our final Women’s History Month feature, we caught up with Rebecca Ougo, General Manager of Little Beet Mount Vernon Triangle [495 K Street NW].

MVT CID: How did you first get involved in the restaurant industry?

Rebecca: My passion for cooking and interacting with people started when I was young. When I moved to this country 24 years ago from Kenya, I went to school and studied hotel and restaurant management and since then I have been involved in the industry. I would not trade this path and profession for anything else. I love interacting with people!

MVT CID: How do you feel the restaurant industry can benefit from more female managers?

Rebecca: We women have different superpowers when it comes to working with people. Female leaders are often committed to reaching out to other women in the industry and helping them build their careers. Women tend to be inherently caring, nurturing and great with people and these are all traits that translate well in this industry. Female leaders connect deeply with their teams and their guests which leads to natural growth. I always use the female-oriented motto, “We keep the family together.” We find a way where there is no way.

MVT CID: What advice do you have for women looking to get involved in the industry?

Rebecca: It’s a great industry to work in, and you have to have the passion to do it. Some days are unpredictable! This industry keeps you sharp and it also helps you learn how to deal gracefully with different people. Once you have joined the industry, don’t compromise your vision.

MVT CID: What is your favorite part of the MVT community?

Rebecca: I love the way they have made safety their top priority. I also love the way they help promote different establishments in their newsletter which, in turn, helps boost our businesses. It makes our team feel like this community has our back.

Many thanks to Rebecca for taking part in our Women’s History Month feature. Visit Little Beet Monday through Friday from 11am – 9pm and from noon – 8pm on Saturday and Sunday.

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