Women’s History Month Continues with Kanessa Walker, Owner of Finesse Essential Body

Thursday March 17, 2022

All month, we’ve been featuring women who make MVT special. The past two weeks we’ve profiled Inspector Tasha Bryant of MPD’s First District and Margaux Donati, General Manager & Partner of Bar Chinois. This week we’re featuring Kanessa Walker, owner of Finesse Essential Body. From our interview:

MVT CID: How did you first get involved in creating beauty products?

Kanessa Walker: I began making bath and body products in 2020 during the pandemic. At this point, I had been working from home for about 10 months and I lost passion for my career. I wanted to do something that felt good and made me happy.

MVT CID: How do you feel small business owners such as yourself benefit the larger beauty business industry?

Kanessa Walker: I believe Finesse Essential Body specifically benefits the larger beauty industry by providing diversity and high-quality products. In my research, I’ve been unable to find any big-name soap brands that use extra virgin olive oil in their soap. Many companies use palm oil because it is cheaper. Unfortunately, it is a large contributor of deforestation. Though it is more expensive, I use extra virgin olive oil because it creates a more luxurious bar of soap, and it is less harmful to the environment. There are also very few black woman-owned beauty brands in the larger beauty industry. Supporting small businesses gives people the opportunity to support BIPOC.

MVT CID: What advice do you have for women looking to get involved in owning their own business?

Kanessa Walker: My advice would be don’t be discouraged by the number of people in your industry/field. Unless you have a new invention, there will always be someone else who does what you do. There is room for you, especially if you can figure out what makes your product(s) stand out

MVT CID: What is your favorite part of the MVT community?

Kanessa Walker: I really enjoy talking with [FRESHFARM] Market goers. The residents in this area are very friendly. I’ve been introduced to friends and family and have built relationships with a few people. I’m grateful for that opportunity.

Be sure to visit Finesse Essential Body at this Saturday’s FRESHFARM MVT Market at 5th & I Streets NW from 9am-1pm. Products available include The Bath Tea which set comes with four for $23, or a Small Soap set which includes three soaps for $20. Visit the online shop for more information.

MVT CID thanks Kanessa for taking part in this week’s feature, and stay tuned for next Women’s History Month profile in next week’s Triangle Times!